A journey into film photography

Its Go Time

So after forgetting about this blog for awhile I’ve decided to bring it back.  I take a lot of photos of all kind of stuff. To kick this off lets look at a few photos of Bluebonnets.

Being from Texas means you know all about the State Flower, The Bluebonnet. Come spring time they are everywhere. The state even seeds them on the side of the highways so that during peak bloom, you cant drive anywhere without seeing them. Fun fact: Texas actually has 5 state flowers, all of them different varieties of blue bonnets. So growing up in Texas inevitably means taking bluebonnet pictures. Yes, they are cliche. Yes they are tacky at times. And yes, everyone does it. Its almost like a ritual to welcome in the brief and beautiful spring before the oppressive heat of the Texas Summer takes over. I took these a few weeks ago before everything had really ramped up.  I used a Pentax K1000 with XPRO 100 slide film that was cross processed. I’ll be getting into some vintage signs next.


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