A journey into film photography


Its Go Time

So after forgetting about this blog for awhile I’ve decided to bring it back.  I take a lot of photos of all kind of stuff. To kick this off lets look at a few photos of Bluebonnets.

Being from Texas means you know all about the State Flower, The Bluebonnet. Come spring time they are everywhere. The state even seeds them on the side of the highways so that during peak bloom, you cant drive anywhere without seeing them. Fun fact: Texas actually has 5 state flowers, all of them different varieties of blue bonnets. So growing up in Texas inevitably means taking bluebonnet pictures. Yes, they are cliche. Yes they are tacky at times. And yes, everyone does it. Its almost like a ritual to welcome in the brief and beautiful spring before the oppressive heat of the Texas Summer takes over. I took these a few weeks ago before everything had really ramped up.  I used a Pentax K1000 with XPRO 100 slide film that was cross processed. I’ll be getting into some vintage signs next.


cross processing

Most film is color negative. That means when you get it developed what you see is your photos in negative color. There is a different type of film called Slide film. When photos are taken using slide film, the result is a perfect color representation or “slide” image.  Both films are processed in different chemicals and and have slightly different end results. Now lets say you took that slide film and accidentally had it processed as color negative film. Well my friend you have just discovered the delightful accident known as cross processing or x-pro. The great thing about x-pro is that it can vary depending on the film and chemicals used. Below is an example of what the slide film looks like after cross processing before and after being inverted


Something I’ve recently gotten into is shooting signs. Mostly vintage neon but every now and then Ill see a nice newer sign. This first one is of the Prairie Dog Drive-In located in Grand Prairie Texas. I think what drew me to it is the fact that,” Holy Crap, they have a Prairie Dog on their sign!”

Black and White

A few of my first black and white photos. They arent perfect but I still like they way they turned out. This first set is from my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. There was a problem when the film was processed which is why they have the squiggly lines.

All about photos.

Film. Slides. Photos. Negatives. That’s what its about. I get the feeling that we lose sight of the great things about photography. The digital revolution has been a bit of a devolution in my opinion. Very few people care about taking a photo and rely on their camera phone or point and shoot. I’m just as guilty. With this blog I want to take a step back and look ant analog photography and what makes it great. I’ll share some of my photos (which likely aren’t that good) as well as others I find. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, someone might even write a book about it. Either way, lets have some fun.